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Kickjobs offers companies the opportunity to quickly and easily connect with qualified freelancers, leading to faster completion of projects or short-term assignments and enhanced flexibility in the workforce. Additionally, the use of the platform is entirely free, and you only pay a 20% service fee on the project value or hourly rate when you hire a freelancer.

The use of the platform is completely free; you only pay a 20% service fee on the project value or hourly rate when you hire a freelancer.

After the freelancer(s) complete the task, you, as the client, will receive an immediate notification. Once both of you have written a review, the freelancer will be paid within 24 hours.

No! You only pay for the project you post on Kickjobs. This can be a one-time occurrence, or you may repeatedly use freelancers who have registered with us. We only charge a 20% service fee on the project value or hourly rate.

After you post the job online, we will review it. This usually takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Once the project is live, every freelancer in the category and specialization of the task will receive an immediate notification. On average, you can expect the first responses within 2 hours!

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