Outsource keyword research to a freelancer

Keyword research, also known as keyword analysis, is an essential component of your SEO strategy. To save time, you can efficiently outsource this to a freelancer. Post your task or project online directly and hire qualified freelancers today. remote in!

What is conducting keyword research?

If you want to rank high on Google, you need to ensure the right keywords are on your website. Keywords are the words or phrases (long-tail keywords) that users type into Google. As a website or online shop owner, it's crucial to gain insight into the relevance of certain words. If you lack knowledge in this area or are unsure how to proceed, there are numerous professional freelancers who can assist you with keyword research. Below, the most important components of keyword research are further explained:

Keyword search volume

If you're unaware of the keywords your target audience is searching for, it's difficult to reach the right people. Additionally, it's important to know the size of this group of people. The volume of the keywords is therefore crucial. This can be determined using various SEO tools. The most well-known ones are Ahrefs & Semrush.

zoekwoorden onderzoek via Ahrefs

Competition per keyword

Now that you know how many people are searching for certain words, it's important to determine if there is already a lot of competition from other online businesses. In the image above, this is represented by KD (keyword difficulty). The KD is usually displayed in a numerical range from 0 to 100. If, during the keyword research, multiple keywords are found with a KD higher than 50, you will have to consider whether you want to focus on these organically.

User search intent

Understanding the intent behind a search query is crucial. Some keywords indicate that people are looking for information, while others suggest a purchase intent. By understanding the search intent, you can create the right type of content. When you provide the customer/user with exactly what they are looking for, it will only benefit conversion. 

Other Specializations in Marketing

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