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Welcome to the brand new and kickjobs Marketplace! Our digital marketplace is where companies and freelancers find each other. With ease of use at the top of our list, we ensure a flawless experience, connecting you with the ideal professionals for your project without any hassle. Fast, easy and simply brilliant!

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Marketplace for talents

The marketplace for talents is one of kickjobs' new features. Develop your own "store"to attract the attention of potential clients. On your profile, set your hourly rate, share a compelling piece about yourself and possibly showcase your best work in a portfolio. ZAs soon as a client expresses interest, our chat functionality is ready to put you in touch.</span

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Unleash your creativity! In addition to setting your hourly rate, you can also create complete projects that clients can purchase from you. Here you can enter all the details about what you will deliver, including the number of revisions and at what rate you will work. Once your profile is public, your projects also become visible to the world. Find out for yourself and create your first project today!

aangemaakte projecten van freelancers

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Freelancer projects

Innovate, collaborate and create

With the marketplace going live, freelancers can whip up projects that showcase their unique skills. This makes it super easy and convenient for clients to hire precisely the expertise needed at any given moment. Got specific needs? No problem! Chat with each other and get, or make, a customized proposal tailored just for you!

Projecten die freelancers hebben aangemaakt

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