Why freelancing in the UAE is the way to freelance


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How did it start

We started our journey in Europe and did market research for the UAE market. Here we saw a huge gap to fill and started our journey in the UAE market. Overall, freelancing in the UAE offers a huge combination of benefits, from financial to business, and also the high quality of living and diversity. At kickjobs.com, we are dedicated to being the bridge in the gap between freelancers and employers, facilitating mutual beneficial collaborations that thrive amidst the unique landscape of the UAE.

Here are 8 reasons why you should set up your freelance company in the UAE:

Freelancen in de VAE

Growing market

The UAE has a strong economy with many different kinds of businesses and branches which are performing outstanding. These have a big contribution to the economy within the fields of technology, e-commerce, banking, hotels, and tourism. This means there are lots of opportunities for freelancers to find work in different areas.

Tax-free income

One of the biggest advantages of freelancing in the UAE is that freelancers don't have to pay any income tax. This means they get to keep all the money they earn, unlike in some other countries where taxes can take a big chunk out of their income.

Business-friendly environment

The UAE government has implemented various initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship and attract skilled professionals. This includes streamlined processes for setting up businesses, access to networking events, and support services for startups and freelancers.

Strategic location

The UAE's strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa makes it a hub for international business and trade. Freelancers can easily access clients from different parts of the world due to the country's excellent connectivity and infrastructure.

Diverse workforce

The UAE is home to a diverse population with professionals from around the globe. This multicultural environment provides freelancers with opportunities to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and gain exposure to various perspectives.

Stable economy

Despite fluctuations in global markets, the UAE has maintained a relatively stable economy, providing freelancers with a secure environment to conduct business.

Quality of life

The UAE offers a high standard of living with modern amenities, world-class healthcare facilities, and a safe environment for residents and expatriates.

Networking opportunities

The UAE hosts numerous conferences, events, and networking forums where freelancers can connect with potential clients, partners, and industry experts.

Overall, freelancing in the UAE offers a combination of financial-, business-friendly benefits, and opportunities for professional growth that make it an attractive option for freelancers seeking to establish themselves in the region. However, it's essential for freelancers to familiarize themselves with local regulations, cultural norms, and business practices before embarking on freelancing in the UAE.

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