What are the duties of a social media expert?


Hiring a social media expert?

In a world where we increasingly connect with one another, social media plays a significant role. A social media expert understands that social media is an excellent channel for engaging with your potential audience, provided it is utilized correctly. In this article, we explain why a freelance social media specialist can be an asset to your business or marketing team.

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Verschillende social media kanalen die een freelance expert gebruikt

What is a freelance social media expert?

A freelance social media expert knows all the ins and outs of social media. They specialize in optimizing and strategically using social media platforms for individuals, businesses, or organizations. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest are familiar territory for a social advertisement specialist. 

Many people think they are specialists just because they use social media extensively in their daily lives. However, it involves much more than that; otherwise, it would be too easy to call oneself a specialist. This includes factors such as creativity (very important), content strategy and planning, conducting research to identify where the target audience is, creating reports, and more. The specific tasks are discussed below.

What are the responsibilities?

A freelance social media expert deals with various social media channels as mentioned above. The first question a freelance social media specialist will ask is what the objectives are for using these different channels. They must also consider who the target audience is and where they can be found. From these findings, a plan can be developed for the type of content, visuals, and text that can be shared on which channel for the most impact. The expert always takes into account the following strategies that can be employed:

  • Acquiring leads/customers 
  • Improving customer relationships
  • Generating traffic
  • Creating awareness
  • Enhancing the brand's image 

Once the company's objectives are clear and the strategy is in place, this social media expert can begin producing visual and textual content.

The role of a social media expert within the marketing team

The social advertisement specialist is part of the online marketing team responsible for promoting the company and its products or services through online channels

The social media expert works closely with other team members in the marketing department, including the online marketer, content marketer, brand marketer, and PR specialist. Maintaining contact with the customer relations manager or customer success officer is also crucial, as they can share valuable customer information and insights. These insights can then be used to develop an effective strategy for reaching the target audience through social media.

As the marketing team grows and requires more specialized knowledge, a social media expert is brought in to increase brand awareness among prospects and existing customers. However, if the team is not yet large enough but requires specific expertise, a marketing agency or freelance marketing specialist, such as a social media expert, can be hired to collaborate with the core team and achieve marketing objectives. The social media specialist often brings a wealth of experience and efficiency to strengthen the team.