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What is remote work?

Remote working means that you carry out your work from a location outside the traditional office. This could be at home, on the road or abroad. This is made possible by all the new digital technologies of today, such as video meetings and tools to collaborate with such as slack.

This flexibility allows employees or freelancers to create a working environment that best suits their personal and professional needs. This can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction. With the large number of freelancers in the marketplace you increase access to global talent.

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Remote working as a freelancer

Many freelancers work remotely. By working remotely, you can choose a workspace where you are most productive, get great jobs and organise your time as you see fit.

On average, working Dutch people spend 46.6 minutes per working day travelling to the office in the car, train or bus. That time could be better spent!

Tegenwoordig staan steeds meer bedrijven open voor remote werkers. Parttime of fulltime! Zo kan je er voor kiezen om voor een langere tijd voor 1 opdrachtgever aan de slag te gaan of elke week een andere klus aan te nemen. Hoeveel opdrachten je aanneemt bepaal je zelf

As your own boss, you have all the freedom to do what you like, besides the work that makes you happy. Make sure you always make good arrangements with the client so that the work runs smoothly.

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Save on costs

There are talents waiting for you to carry out jobs! By placing an job on kickjobs, you save a lot of time, energy and costs on searching for employees. In addition, you do not have the fixed costs. You set the job value yourself, making it easy to manage budgets.

Thanks to remote and hybrid remote working, you never have to set up a desk to get work done.

Someone always available

Need to outsource work at short notice? Thanks to remote working, you benefit from national coverage and there is always talent available for your job that needs to be done.

Prefer someone in the office from time to time? Thanks to hybrid working, this is possible. Many freelancers are used to visiting a client or even working at your office one day a week. You make these appointments together and arrange them as you wish.


Entrepreneurship is never without risk and the amount of work varies enormously. Easily scale up and down when you need to!

Did you know that remote workers create diversity in your team? Because you hire freelancers who can come from anywhere, you mix people from different regions or countries and these fresh perspectives create innovation and growth within teams. 

In addition, remote freelancers have been proven to be 13% more productive. They are often better at planning and have a better work-life balance. As a result, they work at times and times when they feel best, within the set deadline, and thus get more done. 

The growing success of remote working

The traditional business structure in which employees go to the office every day is slowly but surely beginning to give way to a more flexible approach: remote working. More and more companies are realising that offering the option to work remotely not only benefits employees, but also the company itself. Here are some examples of why remote working can contribute to the success of your business.

1. Access to global talent

By allowing remote working, companies increase their access to a global talent pool. They are no longer limited to hiring employees within a particular geographical location, but can look for freelancers who each have their own specialism. Because companies are no longer tied to location, this opens doors to a wide range of skills, perspectives and expertise, which can boost company innovation and growth. Moreover, hiring remote workers can lead to lower staffing costs, as companies do not have to focus on finding and maintaining physical office space.

2. Increased productivity and engagement

Many freelancers who work remotely report higher productivity and commitment to the organisation. They can adapt their working environment to their individual needs and work at times when they are most productive. Moreover, freelancers who work remotely are less bothered by distractions, which you often encounter in the office, promoting concentration and efficiency. This often results in a higher quality of work and increased satisfaction of the freelancers you employ. 

3. Remote working becomes easy due to technological advances

Ongoing technological advances have greatly facilitated remote working. With the advent of powerful laptops, reliable internet connections and communication tools such as zoom or google meet, it is now possible to stay seamlessly connected, even remotely. This has led to a growing acceptance of remote working by employers. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic remote working gained momentum as organisations were forced to adjust their business models and allow employees to work from home. This mass adoption has shown that remote working is not only feasible, but can also boost productivity and efficiency.

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