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5 tips to score freelance jobs

1. Build your portfolio

A portfolio of your work is incredibly valuable when it comes to landing assignments. I understand that may sound contradictory – how can you have a portfolio if you haven't had any freelance clients yet? But it doesn't have to be work done for paying clients. It can also be a mix of:

Recommendations from former colleagues
Examples of test projects you've created
Hypothetical case studies as examples of your work methodology
Work you've done in a previous job (if you have the rights)
Work completed as part of volunteer work

2. Set your rate

When starting out, it's often easiest to set an hourly rate. Not sure what your rate should be? Take a look at similar profiles to see what people with your skills and experience are charging. You don't have to lower your rates to get your first job. There are clients willing to pay your rates for high-quality work. Finding these clients may require some patience in the short term, but you'll see higher profits and better financial growth in the long term.

3. Know what you want

Before searching for freelance assignments, decide which potential clients you want to work with. Ask yourself questions like:

What type of projects do I enjoy doing?
Do I want to work with small or large companies?
Are there industries I prefer not to work in?
Do I prefer selling projects or billing by the hour?
What is the maximum length of time I want to work with one client?
Do I want to have multiple clients at once?

4. Sending private proposals

In your chat on kickjobs, a potential client can contact you to perform a task. See if the assignment suits you and if you can meet the client's requirements. Sometimes a client has specific wishes. In that case, you can send a private proposal via the chat, just as you would build a project on your own profile. This proposal is only visible to the person you send it to. This way, you can do what you're good at and still meet the client's needs.

5. Don't be afraid to say no to jobs that aren't a good fit

In the beginning, you may want to take on every freelance assignment, even if it's not the perfect match. However, it's better to wait for jobs that really suit you. If you can't wait, carefully consider if you can meet the client's needs. This will prevent negative reviews on your profile.

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