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Are you in need of a freelance recruiter or HR specialist to help take your company to the next level? At kickJobs, thousands of freelancers have registered, each bringing their own expertise. Below, we've outlined the most common specializations.

Employer branding
HR assistant
LinkedIn recruitment
Writing a job vacancy
HR professional
Organisational consultant
Talent manager
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Why freelance recruiters are interesting for companies

In today's competitive business environment, finding and attracting talented professionals is critical to a company's success. However, the recruitment process can be complex and time-consuming, especially for organisations that lack the right resources and expertise. This is where freelance recruiters play a valuable role. Here are some examples of why using these freelancers might be of interest to your business:

Cost savings; Hiring in-house staff or using expensive recruitment agencies? With the advent of kickjobs, this is no longer necessary. Hire talented freelance recruiters who work on assignment or project basis. 

Flexibility; Another key advantage of working with freelance recruiters is the flexibility it offers. Companies can scale up or scale back their deployment based on their current recruitment needs. Whether it is filling a single vacancy or managing a large-scale recruitment project, freelance recruiters adapt and deliver tailor-made solutions to suit a company's specific requirements.

Objective selection; Freelance recruiters offer an objective and independent view of the selection process. They have no direct interest in hiring a specific candidate and can therefore make honest assessments based on relevant criteria


Build and anticipate your future

The flex economy has begun as already 47% of 'millennials' are freelancers. And this is only going to increase! The freelance market is growing three times faster than the entire labour market. The majority from the labour market is expected to be filled by freelancers by 2027.

Those are not small numbers! That is why it is pretty important for clients to get on board with this trend in time. Build a flexible pool now to prepare for this new way of working.


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