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Looking for the right skills for your marketing job? Check out professional freelance marketers offering themselves in the marketplace. Get in touch easily through the chat functionality and discuss the work. Give each other the green light by signing the agreement so the job can start.

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Are you looking for a marketing freelancer who can help you take your business to the next level? On kickjobs there are thousands of freelancers, each with their own expertise. The most common specialties are listed below.

Web analytics
Marketing strategy
Social advertising
Technical SEO
Link building

Marketing freelancers at your fingertips

Need expertise or temporary replacement? With kickjobs you can easily find your marketing freelancer. This way, projects and assignments are always on the move.

There are thousands of freelancers waiting for you within the business services industry. Use this network and you will always have the right freelance marketing expertise at your fingertips! No middlemen or high-cost agencies. We also understand that in all the hustle and bustle, a little help may be needed. That's why you can easily hire recruiters from kickjobs whenever you need it. That way, you only pay for what you actually use.

Looking for freelancers active in the field of marketing?

The number of freelancers worldwide continues to grow rapidly. This also ensures that there are many more types of freelancers. They are experts in different fields. They differentiate from each other by finding a 'niche' and specialising in it even more.

Marketing consists of activities and work that ensure that services or products are brought to the attention of a customer or target group with the aim of achieving as many conversions or, for example, leads as possible. Both offline and online.

This includes online marketers, SEO specialists, social media marketers, database marketers, affiliate marketing, CRO specialists, or SEA specialists.

These are some examples of different job titles that fall under the field. There are many more different job titles that have joined the kickjobs network!

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Using our platform is completely free. You only pay at the moment you hire a talent. The cost is the assignment value that you determines! Plus a fee of 20%.

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Easily post one or more assignments via the dashboard. Give the assignment a catchy title, a deadline and set the assignment value. Attach a category to the assignment for the best match.

2. Choose a freelancer

Our kickjobs freelancers see your assignment and can respond. Based on CV, motivation and reviews, you choose someone. Use the chat function to explain the assignment and make appointments. Match? Let's go!

3. Job done

When the assignment is completed, you get a notification and it is visible in your dashboard. To complete the assignment, you give the contractor a review. After giving the review, the talent can be paid.

Build and anticipate your future

The flex economy has begun as already 47% of 'millennials' are freelancers. And this is only going to increase! The freelancing market is growing three times faster than the entire labour market. The largest share from the labour market is expected to be filled by freelancing by 2027.

Those are not small numbers! That is why it is pretty important for clients to get on board with this trend in time. Build a flexible pool now to prepare for this new way of working.


Freelance marketing tips

Freelance marketing is an increasingly popular career choice for those looking to break into the world of marketing. With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are turning to freelance marketing jobs to supplement their income and gain experience in the field. As a freelancer, you get the chance to work with a variety of clients, hone your skills and create innovative marketing campaigns. To get you started as a successful freelance marketer, here are some useful tips.

1. Create a professional profile

Before you can start looking for freelance marketing jobs, you need to create a professional profile detailing your experience, skills and qualifications. It is best to include a portfolio of your work that shows the results you have achieved in previous marketing campaigns.

2. Network and build relationships

Networking is essential if you want to find success as a freelance marketer. Connect with industry professionals, attend events and seminars and join marketing-related groups and associations. Building relationships with industry contacts can help you find more opportunities in the future.

3. Set clear expectations

When working with a client, make sure you discuss expectations and deliverables from the beginning. Establish a timeline for the project and stick to it. Make sure you communicate with your client throughout the project to make sure everything is on track.

4. Make use of technology

Use technology to make your work easier. There are many software tools available to help you track your campaigns, analyse data and measure performance. These tools can help you save time and increase efficiency.

5. Invest in yourself

As a freelancer, you need to constantly invest in yourself. Improve your skills by taking courses or attending workshops. Use the extra income you earn to invest in the latest technology or other resources that can help you work more efficiently.

By following these tips, you can be successful as a freelance marketer. With the right approach and attitude, you can make freelance marketing a successful career.