Seamless collaborations with remote freelancers


Work together with remote freelancers

In an era of digitization and global talent, collaborating with remote freelancers is a strategic move for businesses. We understand that assessing productivity and maintaining communication control from a distance may seem challenging, but with the right approach, these concerns can be turned into positive forces.

Shifting from measuring 'presence' to ‘outcome-centric evaluations’ is key! Define clear objectives and measurable results. This way, you can assess the output rather than focusing on the process. We at kickjobs even provide reviews and feedback from previous assignments, offering additional insights. This way you know beforehand who you are working with.

Meisje die met haar laptop op afstand werkt

Managing and tracking hours

Efficiently managing and tracking the hours of remote freelancers is crucial. Set clear expectations on working hours and implement periodic reviews to ensure alignment with project timelines. Transparent hour tracking not only ensures accountability but also facilitates fair compensation for freelancers' valuable contributions. This way you know if the hours you approve on are correct so you never pay for more than is done.

Clear communication

Establishing clear communication protocols is crucial. Define expectations regarding reporting, updates, and availability. Utilize collaboration tools such as video meetings and project management to facilitate communication. Regular check-ins foster engagement and ensure transparency. Use the kickjobs chat to keep track of the progress and to keep all of the communication in one place.

Selecting freelancers

Selecting freelancers with proven specializations alleviates concerns about the quality of work. Review portfolios, see references, and choose freelancers with demonstrated experience in your specific industry. The right talent will prove itself through consistent high-quality performance.

Trust through transparency

Trust is built on transparency. Communicate openly about objectives, expectations, and any challenges. Consider different time zones and foster understanding of each other's working conditions. Sharing your (company) culture can also contribute to building a strong team spirit!

Flexibility and job satisfaction

Remote work provides flexibility, often resulting in increased job satisfaction and engagement. Leverage this motivation by giving freelance talent the chance to work in their most productive way. The result will not only increase in quality but also in satisfaction. You can only experience this through trying it!

Evaluations and feedback

Implement regular evaluations and feedback sessions. Discuss both performance and any challenges faced. This encourages continuous improvement and makes freelancers feel involved in the bigger picture. Maybe you would like to hire the freelancer more than once if they do an amazing job. 

In conclusion, successfully working with remote freelancers requires a small mindset and process adjustment. By implementing effective project management, clear communication, and transparency, you can not only maintain control over the work but also reap the diverse benefits that remote collaboration brings. Explore the world of global talent and build strong, outcome-focused teams, regardless of physical distance.

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