How do you create a project in the Marketplace?


The kickjobs Marketplace is live!

Project Marketplace

It is now possible to offer projects you specialize in. But how do you do this? We explain it to you in this blog.

You start by creating an account at kickjobs. If you are new to the platform, you first start by filling in your personal information. When all data is filled in, you can start creating a project.

Projecten die aangemaakt zijn op kickjobs

“In your dashboard, find the menu on the left. Click on “Marketplace” to see projects. Choose 'New project' to create one”

Project title

To begin, give your project a title. It is important to give the project a clear title so that you stand out.

The two best ways to describe an job title:

  • You can choose to indicate the most important skills, for example, “website optimization, technical SEO.
  • In the title, explain the end goal of the project, for example, “optimizing your website.


Category and specialties

When posting your project on our platform, it is essential that you select the right categories and specialties. This will help you find the most suitable clients. Below is an explanation of how best to go about this process.

The importance of choosing the right category

Each project has unique needs and requirements. Our platform offers a wide range of categories, each representing different types of projects. Whether you are a web developer, a graphic designer, a content writer, or a data analyst, choosing the right category is the first step in matching you with the client. 

Specialties refine your search

After selecting a category, you have the opportunity to choose up to three specialties that best fit the nature of your project. These specialties allow clients to quickly understand the specific requirements of your project. For example, if your category is “graphic design,” the specialties may range from “logo design” to “UX/UI design.

Project rate and expected duration in days

Setting project rate

Market Research: Before setting a rate do research on what is common for similar projects within your specialty. This will help you set a competitive and fair rate.

Complexity of the project: Consider the complexity and skills required for the project. Projects that require specialized knowledge may have a higher rate.

Determine the duration of the project

Objectives and milestones: Determine the main objectives and major milestones of the project. This will help you establish a timetable that realistically reflects how long the work should take.

Flexibility: Be realistic about the duration of the project, but also allow some flexibility for unforeseen circumstances or adjustments during the project.

The description of the project

A well-written project description helps attract the right clients. By clearly outlining the skills and experiences you have mastered, clients can better judge your suitability for the job. This increases your chances of receiving applications from clients who are a good fit for the project.

Adding revisions

A revision refers to the process of revising, modifying or correcting work after an initial round of review or feedback. In the form of project work, especially creative, technical or writing projects, revision is a common means of ensuring that the final product meets the client's expectations.

Upload main image

The last item when posting your project is the main image. This is the image that will go with your project. For example, if you are a specialist in building a website, you can take a screenshot of a website you have created before. This will give the client a better idea of how you work.  

If you want, you can also add additional images to your portfolio. For example, do you specialize in creating explainer animations? Then you can use the additional images to show more of your work.

Have you completed everything? Then you can now post your project on the Marketplace. Good luck!