The power of coworking for your business


Coworking is an increasingly common way of working, which is done a lot in specially equipped coworking spaces. Not only the freelancer but also you as a client enjoy these benefits. But what are these benefits? In this blog we would like to take you through this new way of working.for your business

Flexibility leads to higher productivity

One of the biggest benefits for clients is the increased productivity associated with coworking. Freelancers who are given the freedom to choose their work location can create an environment that best suits their work style. This reduces distractions and increases concentration, which directly contributes to higher output. Freelancers often choose coworking in the relevant coworking spaces. But what exactly does this entail?

Coworking space

What is coworking?

Coworking in Dutch means "working together". The idea behind coworking is that you create a flexible workplace where freelancers can work together. Think of exchanging information, brainstorming together and to possibly accomplish projects together. If you are new to coworking, there are numerous coworking spaces where you can meet other freelancers and broaden your network.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a space created for freelancers to work together and exchange ideas. The beauty of this is that this is not in a traditional office but in nicely decorated spaces where you can go all out as a freelancer. Coworking spaces are all over the world. Want to get an idea of one of these spaces? Here are some nice examples:

Of course, this way of working does depend on the nature of the work and the business conditions. 

Cost savings

Another important benefit for clients is cost savings. By allowing freelancers to work remotely, companies can save on office space, energy consumption, office furniture and other facilities. For many companies, these savings can amount to thousands of dollars per year, which has a direct impact on profitability.

Access to a larger talent pool

Remote work also allows clients to recruit talent from a much broader pool. Geographic limitations disappear, so companies are no longer limited to recruiting talent from the immediate vicinity of the office. This means access to a more diverse pool of candidates with different skills and experiences. Curious about kickjobs' freelance professionals? Then visit our Marketplace.


Remote working also contributes to sustainability. Less commuting means less greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for the environment! This can also fit within a company's broader sustainability policy, which is becoming increasingly important in light of climate change and social responsibility.

Are you already prepared to expand remotely?