Benefits of remote workers for your business


At a loss for words because you have an assignment or project that cannot be carried out/filled quickly because you are short of people? Kickjobs offers the solution for you!

More remote possible than you think!

We believe that remote work is the future. Many entrepreneurs, small or large, are at times at a loss. In addition, finding staff these days is very difficult. Remote working is the solution for this. Have you ever thought about it? Many jobs can be done remotely. Read all about it on this page!

3 benefits in a row:

Working remotely

1. Saving on recruitment costs

We have already done the recruitment for you. There are many talents ready to do remote work for you. This saves you a lot of time and money on recruitment.

How do I know if the job or vacancy is being done right?

Explain the assignment to the freelancer as clearly as possible. In addition, you will see recent reviews from other clients. 

2. No match, no pay

When hiring remote workers, you only pay per assignment or on the basis of hours worked. As an entrepreneur, you decide how much you want to spend on that assignment. Our talents sign up and start working for you. Assignments are carried out remotely at the talent's discretion. So you do not have to pay extra costs for transport or facilities, for example.

3. Flexibility

With kickjobs, you are very flexible, which is nice right? Entrepreneurship is never without risk and the amount of work varies enormously, which is why it is always difficult to hire just the right employees or not. At kickjobs, talents work remotely and on an assignment basis. So you are and remain very flexible.

When will the assignment be handed in?

While creating the assignment, you specify a start and end date. Before the end date, the assignment is neatly handed in by the talent.